A haute couture sofa: the décò version shows off its craftsmanship with the weave on the armrests becoming a textile work of art, while the design version stands clean and proud of its being.



A single module, simple and versatile.
An ottoman that hides a made-and-finished bed. A young and versatile product that offers a thousand different compositions and just as many possibilities.

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60 years of history, of passion
and quality handmade in italy

The company’s philosophy is based on the dual choice of maintaining craftsmanship in attention to detail and finish on the one hand, and experimenting with innovative high-tech and quality solutions that can meet the growing needs of today’s living on the other.

The sofa bed as we understand it, performs the same function as a bed and must be able to satisfy and accommodate in the utmost comfort our rest whether it is daily or occasional.

It is with this in mind that we are constantly working to improve the technique and comfort of our bed systems.

our company since 1962
POL 74 was founded as a small artisan company in the heart of Brianza, a production area renowned for Italian designer furniture. Over the years, the production of sofas and sofa beds evolved, allowing the company to become an important reality, constantly striving for technological and aesthetic innovation of products.
The production of sofa beds is our flagship product, thanks to a very high quality of manufacture and the combination of aesthetics and comfort. Quality in the choice of materials always at the highest level, quality in the finish, quality in the details: these are the characteristics of our sofa beds, making them personal, original and unique for each buyer.
hôtellerie & contract
Our collection, and especially our sofa beds, are highly valued in the contract sector of tourist or business hotels that wish to "pamper" their guests by offering comfortable and tasteful sleeping solutions.
These are the places where the reliability of the materials and the solidity of the structures are most put to the test, a test that our models have passed admirably according to the loyalty and trust shown by our customers.
technique and innovation
With 60 years of experience, we are able to offer our customers the best in comfort, for every situation. Discover another level of well-being with our sleep systems, designed to meet every need with maximum comfort. The quality of the bed bases and mattresses is what makes our collection of sofa beds unique, simply comfortable.
handamade production in Italy
The laboratory consists of specialized departments equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery, but without neglecting the manual work, performed by skilled hands, that gives the added value to all our 100% made in Italy production.

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